Senin, 20 Juli 2015

Do You Believe in Love?


relationship between two people are ridiculous. They love each other, sometimes argue, get fine then argue again and again till break. Break up and then get together, again. I really understand there's some people are afraid, too afraid to fall in love, no-no-no, I mean too afraid to get hurt again after to love or loved. And perhaps, almost everyone experienced it, include me. That person said, "I love you. Don't ever let me go." And now who the one let someone go?! Obviously, you-know-who. No one deserve to blame. It's not the right way. You know it exactly.

You know,
we all are sad about the break-up not because the status from couple > friend. But, actually we sad because the behaviour of someone you love. We get too afraid of their behaviour, not as care as used to, not text as much as used to. However, we still care, like used to. That's the problem! The problem is the one still matters to us.

I really do believe in love. 
Love is pure and great, I just don't believe in..... people. People like seasons they said, always change, and tararammm... that's damn true, huh. People change and nothing wrong with that. The wrong is change to be better or worse?

The memories
That's right, memories don't change. But, how beautiful or awful memories are, is just a past. We can't make the change for yesterday. What left yesterday, just past and we must live on now or present. Present is gift, right? and we can learn the lesson from yesterday, to make better present.

I'm allergic to bullshit,
who doesn't? It's like the one can say love you many times, but there's no effort to make the relationship possible. See? I just wrote it to everyone who have been through the hard times of wrong relationship, wrong time, whatever. I hope we can let go happily and do not cling. Yes , I know it's hard, extremely hard, but it will be harder for now and future if we always cling to that, just let go or be dragged.

Life isn't always about relationship between two, right?
We have so many stuffs to do. Avoid to do things that we will be sorry for.


If you have any other opinions, just say it. I'd like to know and figure it out.